Chapter #1
Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS)
Tasks performed by members in this agency include: review of consultants' plans, oversee maintenance and alteration work of City-owned buildings, develop City space standards, monitor QA program coverage of all engineering projects to ensure compliance with contract specifications, monitor testing contractors' performance, monitor citywide energy conservation compliance.
Chapter #2
Transit Authority (TA)
President: Janakkumar Patel
Our largest chapter has members who plan, design and supervise construction of all projects required to maintain and improve the New York City Transit System, one of the most extensive in the world. Because of their unique expertise, Chapter 2 members also serve on request as consultants to transit systems around the world, helping them solve their problems.
Chapter #3
Health and Hospitals Corporation (HHC)
President: Andrew Kapsopoulos
Most members are involved in design and alteration of existing hospital facilities and proposed new capital projects. Chemists and other scientific workers staff lab and support services in hospitals and family care centers operated by HHC and in the private sector throughout the New York metropolitan area.
Chapter #4
Department of Design & Construction - Structures - (DDC)
President: Ezra Ghazal
The members’ responsibilities include in-house design and review of consultants' such as police precinct houses, firehouses, jails, cultural institutions and many others.
Chapter #5
School Construction Authority (SCA)
President: Zygmunt (Ziggy) Jagiello
Members’ responsibilities include 40% in-house design and construction review work, as well as review of consultants' architectural/engineering plans for construction and capital repair and renovation of NYC public schools.  
Chapter #7
Department of Parks and Recreation
President: Ricardo Hinkle
Members work in the capital Projects Division of the Parks Department which signs and reviews park improvements. The Chapter also includes the largest group of municipal Landscape Architects in the country. Some members have received New York City Art Commission awards for their outstanding designs and have published articles and had their work publicized in professional journals.
Chapter #8
Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Water Resources
President: Harry Donas
Members, as employees of the Department of the Environmental Protection, perform varied duties in most areas of the water supply system including the upstate watershed, the trunk and main distribution system, the sewers and sewage treatment plants and in laboratories that test the condition of the water at all stages of its journey from the reservoir system through New York City.
Chapter #9
Police Department
President: Andrew Deschamps
The majority of members are Chemists in the Police Department Laboratory.  They conduct analysis of crime evidence, which sometimes include field visits of crime scenes, and appearing as expert witnesses in court. Other members perform architectural and engineering maintenance work on all Police facilities.
Chapter #10
Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH)
President: Dilkhwaz Alshaikly
Public Health issues within the City of New York are addressed by members of Chapter 10. Scientists range from testing and analyzing physical samples within the Public Health Labs, to enforcing code requirements not limited to pools, beaches and radiation producing institutions. The 60 plus sections within DOHMH require the professional skills of our members in the disciplines of Communicable Disease, Vital Records, Lead Poisoning, Tb Surveillance, Mental Health, and Immunization Registry to name a few. Architects, Assistant Engineers, Associate Project Managers are responsible for the design of and upgrade of municipal Health Centers. Many of the members are part of and support first responders. Members are meshed with the Mayoral and Grant funded programs.
Chapter #11
Department of Design & Construction – Infrastructure (DDC)
President: Loan Murry
Members from the City's capital construction programs of the departments of Environmental Protection and Transportation, so that road, sewer and water projects can be coordinated more smoothly.
Chapter #13
Department of Environmental Protection - Board of Water Supply – (DEP)
President: Mel Cummings
Members are involved in all aspects of the construction of City Water Tunnel No. 3. Begun in 1970, this 24-foot-diameter tunnel snakes more than 13 miles from Hillview Reservoir in Yonkers through the Bronx and Manhattan to Astoria, Queens and will become a major conduit of city water beginning in 2000. Members are involved in the design and construction of major upgrading of New York City and NYC Watershed facilities, water treatment plants and drinking water filtration plants. They prepare contract drawings, review contracts and consultants' work and related tasks.
Chapter #14
Department of Education (DOE)
President: Abdul Azeez
Members have the responsibility of planning, designing, and supervising construction of additions and modernizations to existing buildings, and maintaining over 1,000 existing structures under the jurisdiction of the Department of Education.
Chapter #17
Department of Buildings
President: Nashat Atalla, P.E.
Members perform technical work related to the department's enforcement of city and state laws regulating construction, alteration, maintenance, demolition, and occupancy of buildings. Their jobs include reviewing plans for new building construction and alteration to existing structures, conducting field inspections of construction sites, investigating building and zoning complaints and related tasks.
Chapter #18
Comptroller's Office
President: Aramis Constantinescu
Members investigate engineering activities of all City agencies, making findings and recommendations, which improve efficiency and effectiveness. In the Claims Division, our members investigate tort claims and construction contract claims against the City, preparing and detailing engineering cost estimates and testifying in court.

Chapter #19
Boro President’s Offices
President: Reginald Caphart
Our professional members perform a variety of tasks, including maintaining an accurate map of Boro lists.  Set house numbers, track drainage to disperse grading information for new house construction.  We are centrally located throughout the City in all of the Boro President’s Office.  Our Architects, Engineers, Assistant Community Boards, Civic groups and the general public with a variety of engineering and planning matters, act as liaisons between the Borough Presidents and Community Boards.  Our Civil service titles are as follows:  Engineering Technician, Surveyor, Community Planning Board Coordinator, City Planning Technician, City Planner, Engineering Technician, Assistant Civil Engineer, and Community Assistant.

Chapter #21
Fire Department
President: John Yacovone
Members inspect and test fire suppression systems, installations and plans for such systems; inspect buildings and gas stations to see that they meet fire safety regulations, test and draw fire alarm systems; and oversee fire code enforcement.
Chapter #23
Correction Department
President: Julio Marquez
Members are responsible for engineering and architectural design, reviewing consultant work on new construction, alteration of existing correctional facilities and structures operated by the department, and assess management and maintenance.
Chapter #25
NYC Housing Authority (NYCHA)
President: Mitchell Feder
Members are responsible for all phases of design, construction and contract administration related to NYCHA property. Because of Federal budget cuts and the advanced age of many housing projects, a new emphasis has been placed on their repair and maintenance, calling on all the skills and experience of our members to upgrade and renovate the existing housing stock. Our members also do in-house landscape design.
Chapter #28
City Planning
President: Charles Sorrentino 
Members are involved in an advisory capacity to the government. They perform professional work in units corresponding to all City departments in order to evaluate and recommend actions concerning need and location of all capital projects. They engage in multidisciplinary, comprehensive research resulting in the development of alternative solutions indicating potential positive and negative impacts of proposals they evaluate. City officials utilize these evaluations as part of the decision-making process. Members study and evaluate housing and urban renewal, land use proposals, economic development proposals, site selection, sale and lease of property and other related tasks. Chapter members funnel information to the department director and provide technical assistance to 59 community boards and five borough boards. Members' unique expertise is also required for constant revisions to and maintenance of the Zoning Resolution and the City Map.
Chapter #30
Department of Transportation – Traffic (DOT)
President: Dorita Clarke
Members perform technical work related to traffic flow, street lighting and parking in the City. They operate the Department of Transportation's radio system, monitoring information related to traffic emergencies and conditions throughout the city. Members undertake studies of traffic signals, intersection design, traffic flow and other areas related to traffic patterns, and design signal layouts, study signal timings and monitor outside contractors. They also plan for all municipal off-street facilities and on-street meters making continuous evaluations of both, and maintain and inspect over 300,000 streetlights.
Chapter #31
Social Services – HRA
President: Michael Troman
Members undertake technical surveys of shelters and other facilities operated by the Human Resources Administration, inspect construction plans, design new structures and renovations to existing HRA buildings and perform other technical work on facilities operated by the agency. This Chapter includes Administration for Children’s Services, Dept. of Homeless Services, and Dept. of Juvenile Justice.
Chapter #32
Department of Environmental Protection, Air Resources (DEP)
President: Samuel E. Nebedum
Members enforce New York City air, noise, water and asbestos codes, lead abatement and hazardous material codes. They act as advisors at incidents involving hazardous materials, conduct inspections and maintenance programs on New York City Medallion taxis, conduct environmental impact studies to determine the effect of proposed new sources of emissions, conduct investigations relative to proposed new or revised air and noise code legislation, implement the state plan for meeting air quality standards and evaluate the air and noise aspect of traffic flow. Members also inspect and enforce City environmental codes for commercial, residential and industrial buildings and sites.
Chapter #33
Sanitation Department
President: Naze Andreville
Members design and supervise construction of storage garages and repair shops, incinerators, landfills and marine transfer stations. Members are also involved in the design specification and testing of automotive vehicles such as collection trucks and sweepers.
Chapter #36
President: Uma Kutwal
Members are responsible for design, new construction and rehabilitation of 21 City University of New York community colleges and senior college locations throughout the City.
Chapter #37
Department of Transportation – Bridges (DOT)
President: Ahmed Shakir
Members in the Engineering Project Manager and Surveyor titles perform planning, engineering, design, construction and maintenance work on the City's streets and bridges.
Chapter #38
Housing Preservation and Development (HPD)
President: Elizabeth Eastman
Members are involved in the design of new housing projects, renovations on urban renewal projects, and helping tenant associations learn how to manage their buildings in preparation for purchasing them. They also renovate and maintain In-Rem City-owned multiple dwellings and other related jobs.
Chapter #39
Office of Chief Medical Examiner (OCME)
President: Samantha Rappa-Giovagnoli
Members work as chemists carrying out toxicological examination of forensic samples, now including DNA analysis.
Chapter #40
Department of Environmental Protection - Upstate (DEP)
President: Richard Kowalczyk
Chapter 40, the newest of the Guild's chapters, was formed in 2003 to better represent members working in upstate areas, north of New York City. Our roughly 250 members perform such tasks as project management, treatment plant operation, reservoir operation, forestry, hydrology, water quality monitoring, and laboratory analysis, in an effort to protect and maintain one of our City's most valuable resources, the City's drinking water.
Chapter #41
Landmark Preservation Commission
President: Gale Harris
Members, mainly Landmark Preservationists, participate in surveying and researching potential landmarks and regulating changes to designated landmarks and historic districts in the city. The chapter also has one Urban Archeologist who reviews archeology requirements for City-sponsored projects and private developments and one Associate Landmarks Preservationist who is the agency's Environmental Review Coordinator.  
Chapter #43
President: Carlos Paulino
Members make up 70 percent of the workforce at the WNYC Radio station. They are engineers, technicians, secretaries, publicists, receptionists, maintenance workers, programmers, librarians and hosts and announcers who, along with the City employees who are members of Chapter 1, carry out the wide range of work that enables AM/83 and FM/94 to bring quality programming to their audiences.