The president shall preside at all meetings of the board of delegates and of the general membership. The president shall countersign all checks drawn against the funds of the Guild. The president shall appoint all special committees of the Guild with the approval of a majority of the executive committee and be a member of all committees with the exception of the election committee. The president shall be chief negotiator on all city-wide and local union collective bargaining negotiations. The president shall report periodically to the board of delegates and the executive committee the progress and standing of the Guild and regarding the president’s official acts. The president is empowered to make expenditures not exceeding a total of $1,000.00 for matters requiring immediate action between meetings; such expenditures shall be reported to the executive committee at its next meeting. The president shall, with the approval of the board of delegates, engage auditing services as may be required. The president shall be an automatic delegate to all conventions and councils in which the Guild has representation including all AFSCME conventions and NYS AFL-CIO conventions.

  • Liz Eastman
  • Vincent Sawinski
  • Mike Troman
  • Ron Vega


1. What makes you the best candidate for President?
What drives you to serve the members in this role?

Liz Eastman
I am driven by a passion to serve people and a strong belief in the power of unions.
I was born into a life of service. Both my grandmother and mother were union members. My mom was an officer in Local 375. My dad was an attorney who devoted his career to serving working-class clients. For 6 years, I have had the privilege of serving the members of HPD, as the chapter president and grievance representative. I have witnessed the management abuses – harassment, unfair distribution of comp time, and denied promotional opportunities – that members face. The union is the protector of the worker and must do better than what it is doing now.

Why am I the best candidate for president? My commitment to service, belief that the Union can be better than what it is now, and my clear plan to build the union by empowering the membership.

Vincent Sawinski
Vincent Sawinski is the best candidate for president because of my extensive experience

  • 40 years as L 375 delegate
  • 18 years as elected pension chair ( In 1998 at the AFSME convention, I proposed zero contribution rate for Tiers 3 and 4 after 10 years of pension credit)
  • DEP Chapter 8 President (1107 members )
  • DDC Chapter 11 President ( 462 members)
  • Elected Public Relations Chair L 375
  • Chair L. 375 Election Committee
  • Trustee-Professional Legal Services

I am driven to serve the members by making the union stronger by member participation and elimination of excessive and needless waste involving parties, trips, etc

Michael Troman
My passion for helping our members is what drives me to run for President. I have worked for the City for over 40 years, holding many Union positions that enabled me to help and connect with our members. My current position of Grievance Representative for 11 agencies has put me in contact with so many members. I have gained an even greater understanding of the issues and challenges our members face daily. As President, I would have the opportunity to effect changes to better serve our membership. I ask that you help me achieve my goal to make the working environment for our members one which is equitable, responsible and member satisfaction and safety oriented, by electing me President.

Ronaldo Vega
My dear Union family we are at a crossroads now. Our local was placed in Administratorship, Officers were removed, the Constitution suspended and all of us were placed under Marshall Law. With this election we start anew, a fresh start.

I can offer you a fresh start because I have not been a participant or a party to the nonsense that has transpired over the last decade. While Local 375 was busy imploding, I was in the private sector designing and building the 9/11 Memorial as the Senior Director of Design. As a Registered Architect, I am an honor bound professional. There will be an immediately different relationship and an attitude adjustment will take place, when Management knows that they will be dealing with a Union Leader who is a licensed professional with my credentials. My temporary opponents are good people, I just think you deserve more.

2. What are three (3) objectives of your presidency?

Liz Eastman
Fight for improvements in benefits and for reasonable salary increases for all members; work towards a Step-Pay Plan; work to restore the Floating Holiday and other benefits.

Create a stronger union presence on the work floor. Develop an organizing plan that brings together workers within an agency by forming coalitions with other unions representing workers in that agency; educate members about their rights; hold monthly new member orientations. Members often don’t fight back against management abuses because they don’t know that they can. It is the Union’s responsibility, through education and training, to empower members to take action when they feel that management is treating them unfairly.

Re-engage the membership. Make Local 375 a local where all members find something within the Local that they want to be a part of whether it be through committee work, helping with a special event, or sharing their skills with others.

Vincent Sawinski
My three objectives

  1. Using new technology to educate union members about all union benefits and to lead the fight for elimination of Tier 6 contributions after 10 years of pension credit
  2. Reduction of L.375 member dues by $190 per member per year. There is over 3 million dollars in our treasury. I propose to return $500 to each member (500 x 5500 members = 2.75 million. As President I will only accept $1 per year salary.
  3. Educate, train and motivate new hires to become union members and leaders.

Michael Troman
The main objective of my presidency is to bring our members' salaries up to par with their counterparts in the public and private sectors. We can accomplish this by re-opening salary review and introducing a step-pay-plan. Another objective is to negotiate better non-economic benefits and restoring lost benefits for our members. This includes compressed time schedules, sabbaticals, floating holidays and expanding the use of flex time. Another very important objective is to have a greater connection with our membership. I vow that my administration will be a transparent one and offer venues for members to have a greater voice. I will also be implementing programs for better advocacy for members on all levels.

Ronaldo Vega
Our team will restore order and respect starting at the top, if we as Union officials in the same Local, can't be civil to each other, we have no business representing our precious members. We can do it, we just have to change the culture, we have to respect each other. Our meetings will be the envy of DC 37. Members will push their way in instead of trying to push their way out.

Our team will find out where the money is and how it is being spent. We want Audits and answers. How is it with no officers, no committees, no events and reduced stipends, every month the treasurer's report says we are just breaking even?

Our team will promote unity and peace. But make no mistake we will be the strongest Local because of it.

3. What is the biggest challenge facing our local right now and how do you plan to overcome it?

Liz Eastman
Many members are disengaged. They don’t see the importance of the union in their personal and professional lives. The Janus decision has given members the legal right to opt out of the union. Disengaged members and the Janus decision create a perfect storm that threatens the survival of organized labor in the public sector.

The challenge is to find a way to survive in the face of that storm. Local 375 must meet that challenge head on by implementing a program to engage and educate the membership.

The Local must also adopt a member-first mindset and improve the way members are treated. Meetings must be conducted in a manner mindful that members are voluntarily giving their time to the union; communication must be established so that members can keep abreast of union affairs when they can’t attend a meeting; and service to the membership must be improved.

Vincent Sawinski
The biggest challenge facing our union is motivating new employees to become and remain union members. This can be achieved through educating new employees as to all the benefits of union membership

Michael Troman
The biggest challenge facing our local right now is getting back on track as a unified, powerful local, whose main objective is helping its members. With the imposition of the Administratorship we lost so many opportunities to make positive changes to better serve our members. We became a 'lost' local, no effective leadership; we 'lost' our voice. Now we need to renew our strength and faith in ourselves and work together towards creating a local dedicated to its membership. As President, I will advocate for our members in all areas, salary, workplace environment, dealing effectively with management, etc, to bring our confidence and satisfaction level up. We are a great local comprised of dedicated, hard-working people. We need to be strong, unified and proud of who we are.

Ronaldo Vega
We have to stop being our own worst enemies. We must represent and comport ourselves in a manner befitting the Civil Service's most educated and experienced members. I would put our member's resume's against every other Union in the Country and we would win. Yes even against the UFT! If we stay true to our mission, all of our members will prosper. Leadership by example and sacrifice. We will be "all in" and "at your service". You only but need, to vote us in.