The secretary shall be the official custodian of all the records of the Guild. The secretary shall carry on the official correspondence of the Guild. All records and filed data shall be open for inspection by the members of the Guild at any reasonable time. The secretary shall record the minutes of all official meetings of the executive committee, the board of delegates and the membership. In the absence of the chairperson of the executive committee, the secretary shall preside at executive committee meetings.

  • Jose Concepcion
  • Antonio E. Dones
  • John A. Reade


1. What makes you the best candidate for Secretary?
What drives you to serve the members in this role?

Jose Concepcion
As an architect, I have a natural inclination for detail. I will dutifully record the proceeding and events of our union. As a 33 year veteran of DC37, I am eager to make a contribution to our union. I am driven to see our union remain strong and resilient.

 Antonio Dones
I believe that dedication, determination, and an affinity for effectively communicating with fellow union members concerning union matters goes a long way in displaying one's ability to do the job you're elected for. Those very same qualities ensure that you give nothing short of your best when it comes to serving the local's membership and representing them.

 John A. Reade
I am the best Candidate & most qualified for the office of Secretary for many reasons. I am the only candidate with experience as an elected officer of the local as your Sergeant-at-Arms. I would dedicate the same discipline & focus to be successful in the role of Secretary in continuing to attend all Executive & Delegates meetings.

In July 2016 I was a Convention Delegate @ the 42nd Annual AFSCME Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada, I represented & voted for 683 members.

As Previous DOT Chapter-30  President, I attended all Executive Committee meetings, voted & represented the members.

As a DOT Safety & Health Committee Representative, I have experience negotiating with management on important issues in the workplace every day.

What drives me to serve the members in the role of Secretary is knowing that Representing the members at meetings & in the workplace really makes a difference.

 2. What is your plan to make minutes and notes more accessible to regular members?

 Jose Concepcion
I think the union should supplement emails and newsletters with TWITTER. Added benefits would be immediacy and feedback.

 Antonio Dones
Communication, Accessibility, and Transparency are all key in properly informing the membership while also keeping them in the loop to its day to day operations. The local's website and its monthly newsletter are essential tools towards fulfilling that goal in addition to, sending out important notifications and announcements.

 John A. Reade
My plans to make the minutes and notes more accessible as our R.S.V.P. Pledge to make our Local administration more transparent and accountable to the members is to have typed & audio minutes of the all meetings. In addition I will have all Delegate & Executive meetings video taped and posted on the Official Local 375 Website with the approval and authorization of the Local. I would like to establish a voluntary email list of our members where we can email them notes & minutes of all meetings and other important announcements.

I look forward to serving the members in the office of secretary. As present DOT Chapter-30 Secretary I will bring my experience & enthusiasm to serve the members at a higher level. I hold a BA in Economics which further makes me the better choice to accomplish the task on hand with my skills.

 3. What is the most important thing you will focus on if you are elected?

 Jose Concepcion
Transparency, advocacy and accountability together. The union has been racked by scandal and is now overseen by its parent organization. It is important for union representatives to be totally transparent in all their activities, including policies, hiring and finances.  I believe that when representatives are fully transparent, the members they serve will be able to discern their level of advocacy and hold them accountable. As a longtime member of our union, I hope to be able to advocate for our members and be held accountable for my actions. Success will come with all union representatives being fully transparent to their team and their members.

 Antonio Dones
When elected I would prioritize my focus on the improvement of both the local's website and its monthly newsletter as effective information tools for communicating with the membership at large. I would also dedicate myself to improving member access to the chapter delegates, local's grievance representatives, senior administrative officers, and the services they provide to achieve better union cohesiveness.

John A. Reade
If elected as your Local-375 Secretary the most important thing I will do is to assist the elected administration in restoring Unity and Peace within our Local. I will fight as a union officer to ensure that all of our rights as union members are not violating by our supervisors and management. If giving the opportunity to represent our members in Greivence and other Union matters this would be a great honor to me. In keeping our Union Strong in these uncertain times where many “Right to work” states, the Unions are weaker or non-existence.

I will continue to update the members of the local by coordinating with all Local officers, Chapter Presidents & Delegates at meetings to ensure that all members are informed of Current events in our Local.

I am asking for your Vote.