The treasurer shall receive and receipt all monies of the Guild, including dues. The treasurer shall maintain an accurate account of dues paid and notify delinquents. The treasurer shall deposit all monies so received in the name of the Guild in a bank or banks designated by the executive committee. The treasurer shall prepare and sign checks for such purposes only as are required by the constitution or are authorized by the membership, the board of delegates or by the executive committee acting for the board of delegates where action is required prior to a schedule board of delegates meeting or by the president for expenditures authorized as aforenoted. The treasurer shall keep an accurate record of receipts and disbursements and shall, once each month, submit to the board of delegates, a monthly operating statement of the financial transactions of the Guild for the previous month. The treasurer, as well as other officers responsible for the handling and disbursing of funds shall, at the expense of the Guild and through the International Union, give a surety bond for an amount to be fixed by the board of delegates of the Guild, but not less than the minimum provided for in the constitution of the International Union. On the termination of the treasurerʼs office, the treasurer must obtain a discharge receipt from the board of delegates based on an independent audit before the treasurer shall be discharged from the treasurer’s bond. The treasurer shall prepare and submit the monthly membership report to the International Union office and see that a check is drawn in payment of the local’s per capita tax each month and sent to the International Secretary-Treasurer. The treasurer shall be the custodian of all properties of the Guild and responsible for submitting necessary financial reports.

  • Elaine Garcia
  • Sam Nebedum
  • Jennifer Rodriguez


1. What makes you the best candidate for Treasurer?
What drives you to serve the members in this role?

 Elaine Garcia
I am an experienced union leader with a proven record of administrative and negotiation skills. I’m the best candidate for the position of treasurer because I have full understanding of the AFSCME’s “Bill of Rights for Union Members” which states the “members shall have the right to a full and clear accounting of all union funds”  I learned the importance of this term from past experiences as a two-term HPD Chapter 38 President, Local Membership Chair, Current HPD Chapter 38, 1st Vice President, Current HPD Labor QWL Labor Chair and as an active representative on the HPD Health & Safety Committee. These positions provide me with a full understanding that the role of the Treasurer is to watchdog over all aspects of financial management and the importance of working as a team with other members of the Executive Board is to safeguard the Local’s finances. 

Sam Nebedum
Financial leadership requires a combination of skills and characteristics.  I am to serve union members. I’ll put the truth out there.  I have a heart to serve, the skill set to lead and the drive to accomplish what needs to be done.

 Jennifer Rodriguez
Local 375 needs an impartial Treasurer able to handle both dealing with large sums of money and communicating the information in a meaningful and clear manner.  My name is Jennifer Rodriguez, and I am that candidate.  I have a finance background in which I gained relevant experience managing large accounts for various institutions and possess an eye for detail.

Additionally, I have many years of experience developing presentations and teaching large groups.  These qualities are important for a person responsible for managing the finances of an organization like our local. My reason for pursuing this role is to ensure our members have access to regular financial reports showcasing how our funds are being managed.  As a delegate to the AFSCME convention, I witnessed firsthand the impact that I can have as an active member in our union and would like to expand my participation by fulfilling the Treasurer role.

2. What are the most important ways you can serve the membership as treasurer?

Elaine Garcia
The most important ways I can serve the membership as treasurer is that the Local’s Monthly Financial Report meets the requirements of the Constitution and AFSCME Financial Standards Code. My expertise reflects a proven track record in a system’s approach, understanding the importance of collecting and reporting pertinent data and making decisions based on hard data.

Sam Nebedum

  • Communication- Able to translate financial information and financial concepts for the board.
  • Planning- Partner with the staff accountants to develop a useful budget.
  • Strategy- Capable to go beyond annual budgets, audits, and financial reports to bring financial leadership to the union.
  • Energy and Passion- Focused on performance, not politics.

Jennifer Rodriguez
My first priority as Treasurer is to increase the transparency of our local's finances.  I believe the membership has the right to receive updates on the funds collected by Local 375, and the usage of those funds. It will be my job to ensure this information is disseminated methodically.

My second priority, but by no means less significant, is to collaborate with the other officers to work towards the member's goals.  I plan to remain visible to our members in my role as financial manager while also contributing to efforts that improve work conditions for all. 

3. How will you ensure our local remains fiscally healthy and transparent to all of our members?

Elaine Garcia
I will ensure my local remains fiscally healthy and transparent to all our membership by ensuring that our local’s policies and procedures are enforced and the information is properly disseminated among the membership when necessary. I will ensure that appropriate financial systems and controls are in place. I will make sure that record-keeping and accounts meet the conditions of funders or statutory bodies. Ensure that required insurances are in place and that effective financial systems and procedures have been established and are being consistently followed and are in line with the best practice and legal requirements.

Sam Nebedum
I will educate all current and future members about the importance of keeping our union fiscally sound.

Jennifer Rodriguez
To ensure Local 375's fiscal health, I will follow the AFSCME Financial Standards Code when managing all funds.  I am committed to learn and follow the responsibilities unique to running our local's finances and will make every effort to work in partnership with the union’s Accounting Department.  I will do so while keeping clear records, thus enabling the next Treasurer to take over seamlessly, and ensure continuity in the local's finances.  The Treasurer's performance is very important because it can continue to impact the local long after they have gone.  As mentioned previously, members will have access to progress reports updating them on the status of Local 375's funds.