Chapter 2 - NYC Transit System

Our largest chapter has members who plan, design and supervise construction of all projects required to maintain and improve the New York City Transit System, one of the most extensive in the world. Because of their unique expertise, Chapter 2 members also serve on request as consultants to transit systems around the world, helping them solve their problems.

 Gerald Lezeau - President
Phone: 718-3093382
Email: [email protected]

Gerald Lezeau - Vice President
Marie Lodescar - Treasurer            
Annette Brown - Rec. Secretary   
Mohammad Nawaz - Sgt. At Arms  
Gary Zephyr - Organizing    
Marie Lodescar - Pension            
William Marin - Civil Service     
Odelin Francois - Salary       
Milosz Jagiela - Public Relations            
Jean Lubin - Membership
Monique Mathieu - Statistics


Anilkumar Amin
Fenelon Bouzi
Annette Brown
Winston Campbell
Joseph Delly
Marie Delpe
Francois Dorsainvil
Lesly Fanfan
Odelin Francois
Mark Gannon
Bryan Glass
Darius Golenstaneh
Yousef Harounian
Mary Inzalaco

Eugene Ionescu
Milosz Jagiela
Francois Jean-Jacques
Hanssy Joseph
Rita Karim
Gerald Lezeau
Yvrose Lezeau
Marie Lodescar
Jean Lubin
William Marin
Monique Mathieu
Esteve Moreau
Mohammad Nawaz
Bhupendra Patel

Janak Patel
Kiritikumar Patel
Mahendrakumar Patel
Praful Patel
Vijay Patel
Viral Pathak
Herriot Pierre-Louis
Cibelis Rosado-Mota
Larry Scarlino
Gary Severe
Dipak Shah
Mihir Shah
Wai Yung
Garry Zephyr

Alternate Delegates

Reza Alipour
Javaid Arshad
John Barger
Makram Baseluos
Scott Chaiet
Shu Chang
Felix Clerk
Leonard Cotugno
Timothy Cunningham
Mel Edelman
Jason Fisher
Jacques Francois
Ulhas Gogate
Shani Gurevich

Mohamed Haque
Gregory Homatas
Yuhu Hu
Wei Huang
Hope Jacobs
Peter Kadnar
Bernard Kaufman
Kenneth King
Norman Lindo
James Lumsden
Luckner Oliver
Denis Ondeje
Syed Qadeer
Leonid Radlevich

Mohammed Rahman
Shafiqur Rahman
Michael Roache
Prosper Saintime
Kian Tan
Thomas Taranto
Steven Tu
Walter Tumm
Myron Turner
George Wang
Kamal Zaki
Minyie Zen
Georgios Zeniou
Nubar Zohrabian