Chapter 40 - DEP (Department of Environmental Protection - Upstate)

Chapter 40, the newest of the Guild's chapters, was formed in 2003 to better represent members working in upstate areas, north of New York City. Our roughly 250 members perform such tasks as project management, treatment plant operation, reservoir operation, forestry, hydrology, water quality monitoring, and laboratory analysis, in an effort to protect and maintain one of our City's most valuable resources, the City's drinking water.

Richard Kowalczyk - President
Cell Phone: (845) 490-0236
Email: [email protected]

Alliso Dewan - 1st Vice President
Mark Newman - 2nd Vice President
William DeGraw - Secretary
Karen Hacker - Treasurer
Todd Baldwin - Recording Secretary
Tom Martins - Sgt. at Arms
Robert Principe - Purchasing


Allison Dewan
Karen Hacker
Richard Kowalczyk
Tom Martins
Kim Nezelek
Michael Reid
Yuliy Shugol
Botong Zhou