Message from Administrator John English

Dear Local 375 Members:

I’m writing to let you know that Local 375 has been placed under Administratorship by AFSCME International President Lee Saunders, effective August 29, 2016.

This means that the International Union has assumed responsibility for conducting the day-to-day affairs of the local, including but not limited to all matters related to representation of you in your employment and the responsible management of the local’s finances.  To carry out these responsibilities President Saunders has appointed me to serve as the Administrator of Local 375 and Brother Chris Wilgenkamp, DC37 Director of Technology and Membership Services, to serve as the Deputy Administrator.

In imposing the administratorship, President Saunders acted pursuant to his authority under Article IX, Section 37 of the International Constitution.  The purpose of the administratorship is to restore full democracy to Local 375 and its more than 7000 members. The sisters and brothers of Local 375 have a right to a fully functioning local -- one with fair and democratic elections, and one in which they can have full participation in the decision making process of the union. The cause of this administratorship is a long-time pattern of conduct by the local of violating these rights.

President Saunders is of the opinion that such conduct cannot or will not be immediately remedied by the local. He has therefore suspended the officers of Local 375 from their positions as officers and from any other positions that they hold by virtue of their office. The decision to terminate the administratorship rests solely with the International President and occurs when the concerns that led to the administratorship have been rectified.

This administratorship is about your fundamental rights and interests as members of Local 375.  My goal as the administrator is to restore your rights as members, ensure there is complete fiscal accountability and transparency and to improve the efficiency of the local’s other business operations.   

You’ll be hearing more from me in the coming weeks.

I appreciate all you do to make New York City run, and I look forward to working with you.

In solidarity,
John English
Local 375 Administrator