Paid Family Leave Benefit is Now Available

The benefit–which the union won through negotiations for the 2017-21 economic agreement–is now available to nearly 100,000 DC 37 members who are covered by the contract and work at mayoral agencies, NYC Health+Hospitals, the New York City Housing Authority, and the Dept. of Education.

There are a number of ways to apply for the benefit. But you should start by asking your human relations office which process applies to you.

The union worked with human resources, payroll agencies, and the Dept. of Citywide Administrative Services to open up the paid family-leave benefit. In the upcoming weeks, the union will work with management to address any confusion and concerns that arise.

During the contract negotiations, last year, DC 37 and the city agreed to arrange for coverage through the New York State Paid Family Benefit. The union is negotiating to win the benefit for members covered by other contracts. Administrators at CUNY, where members approved a new contract in December, have told the union that the benefit should be available by the fall.

Attached is a Fact Sheet with important information about the start of the program, what is covered, and what the deductions and benefits are in 2019.

Please distribute this at work locations, membership meetings and to shop stewards. Save it in your reference files.

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