New Paid Family Leave Benefit Available in January

A key component of the 2017-2021 Economic Agreement was the establishment of the Paid Family Leave benefit for employees in Mayoral agencies, Department of Education, NYCHA, and Health and Hospitals. These are all agencies that are paid through Office of Payroll Administration. Culturals and Libraries have already implemented the benefit. CUNY has agreed to implement the Paid Family Leave in October 2019 pending ratification of the tentative CUNY Agreement. Transit Authority, TBTA, School Construction Authority, prevailing rates and the State Courts and Rent Units will bargain separately.

Attached is a Fact Sheet with important information about the start of the program, what is covered, and what the deductions and benefits are in 2019.

The benefit will be available beginning January 6th, 2019. The first payroll deduction will appear in the January 25th paycheck.

Please distribute this at work locations, membership meetings and to shop stewards. Save it in your reference files.

Please click on the link below to read more about Paid Family Leave...
New York State Paid Family Leave
New Paid Family Leave Benefit Available in January