WOC visit the Fearless Girl site

Hi! I’m Annette Brown, WOC Chairperson and I’m with members of the Women’s Organizing Committee. On Wednesday, June 28, 2017, the WOC visit the Fearless Girl site in lower Manhattan (Financial District). The Fearless Girl has brought so many people around the world to its site, every day when I go to the Union Office at 2 Broadway, I witness so many people, men and women standing proudly posing with the Fearless Girl in front of a camera! She (Fearless Girl) has brought so much meaning to that location across from the bull.

The Women Organizing Committee is a group of Strong Fearless Empowering Women Standing in Solidarity like the Fearless girl. I have read a quote that states “The fearless girl stands as a reminder that having more women in leadership positions strengthen our workforce & economy”. I believe that to be true, don’t you? What is your opinion of the Fearless Girl, I would like to know? Send your opinions to [email protected]

Join the WOC today, we love to have you…