When: Wednesday, Oct 20, 2021, 12:00am - 1:00pm


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Local 375, Chapter 11 (DDC) Membership Meeting Agenda
Call to Order

1. President’s Welcome Statement
2. Treasurer’s Report by 1st VP Macio
3Guest Speaker – Local 375 President Mike Troman
4. Return to Office & on-site Testing or Vaccination
5. Members appointed from Promotional Civil Service List
6. Open Discussion/ New Business
Note: We will ask everyone to follow these simple rules for this meeting.
-  Please sign in to the chatbox with your first, last name, agency, chapter, personal email, and cell phone.
-  If you are the caller, Please send your sign-in info to [email protected].
-  Please DO NOT intervene if somebody is speaking.
-  Please MUTE your microphone, if you are not speaking.
-  For questions - please raise your hand and wait for your turn. You can write in the Chatbox also.
-  Please try to make your statement/speech time within 3 minutes.

Please spread this information to your fellow Chapter 11, DDC members.