Local 375 Election Update

Ballots were counted in the Local 375 election on Monday, November 11, 2018 (Please click here to see the vote count). None of the candidates running for any of the seven (7) Local 375 officer positions received the constitutionally required majority of votes to be declared elected. Local 375 will be having a run off election to determine the officers. AAA will administer the run off election, ballots are expected to be mailed out on November 13th and must be returned by 9 am on December 6th.

The following candidates were elected Delegate to DC 37 on November 5, 2018: Liz Eastman, Michael Troman, Mitchell Feder, Elaine Garcia, Stacey Moriates, Harry Donas, Brenda Gill, Jose Concepcion, Noah Kaufman and Mike Kenny.

The following candidates were elected Local 375 Delegate to the Central Labor Council: Michael Troman, Mitchell Feder, Stacey Moriates, Jennifer Rodriguez, Josh Barnett, Rebecca Freed, Elaine Garcia and Harry Donas.