Membership Open for Womens Organizing Committee

Membership is open to all members of Local 375 Civil Service Technical Guild District Council 37. (click here for flyer/ application form)

The WOC hold its monthly meeting on the fourth Wednesday of each month. If there is a Holiday during the week we meet, the meeting will be move to another day. The meeting is held at 125 Barclay Street, NY, NY 10007 at 6:00pm . The room will be announced before the meeting and displayed on the board in the lobby.

WOC participate in various ethnic, charitable, training and other educational activities throughout the year. Join the Women’s Organizing Committee. We look forward to having and seeing you...

Fill out the attached application and mail it back to the Union Headquarters at 125 Barclay St. NY, NY 10007, 6th Fl. Room 600 Atten: Annette Brown, WOC Chairperson.