Covid-19: Emergency phone numbers for members

The new phone number established for members to call in the event that they cannot get through to ACP. DC 37 Executive Director Henry Garrido said on his Facebook Live.  

 DC 37 Phone number: 212-815-1000

 Emblem Health, the number who want to be tested: 1800-835-2362 Or

 In addition to that if you have Emblem Health (GHI/HIP) and you are calling to be tested and you want to be tested or you have a thought time to getting any kind of appointment a special number has been established 1 646-680-4227.

 If you get sick and you need immediate attention please call 24/7 on 1877-444-7988.

Please  see below DC 37 contact numbers:

DC 37 Hotline 212.815.7555
DC 37 Safety and Health 212.815.1685
Health and Security Plan Inquiry Unit 212.815.1234
H&S TTY (Teletypewriter) 212.815.1266
H&S Info for Retirees Toll-Free 1.877.323.7738 outside of NY/NJ/CT
Personal Service Unit 212-815-1250 
Education Fund 212.815.1700
Municipal Employees Legal Services 212.815.1111

DC 37 Divisions

DC 37 Non-Profit and Private Sector Division

DC 37 Blue Collar Division

DC 37 Clerical-Administrative Division

DC 37 Hospitals and Healthcare Professionals Division

DC 37 Professional Division

DC 37 Schools Division

DC 37 White Collar Division

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