Local 375 President Michael Troman releases statement on George Floyd death

Local 375 President, Michael Troman

Local 375 President Michael Troman

Dear Members,

The over 5,500.00 men and women of the Civil Service Technical Guild Local375 are horrified and are in deep sorrow with the murder of George Floyd. Evil exists and comes in many shapes and forms taking every opportunity to destroy to all that is good and decent. Together, we will destroy evil. Together, we will continue to support and lift up all the good souls so that we can advance in life for ourselves, our families, community, and country.

During the course of time, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is one of the millions of victims of evil and hate. Like George Floyd, we must all stand together and live by Dr. King’s words: “LIFE’S MOST PERSISTENT AND URGENT QUESTION IS, WHAT ARE YOU DOING FOR OTHERS”. The very concept of unions is bringing together, helping, advancing, and supporting all people utilizing their individual talents for justice, peace, and prosperity. For the sake of humanity, we must not fail. By every measure, George had the heart and soul and was Union. George’s life has United us all in our mutual quest to end hate.

For those who are destroying our communities thereby discrediting the good name of George Floyd, Dr. King a man of God reminds us that “DARKNESS CANNOT DRIVE OUT DARKNESS, ONLY LIGHT CAN DO THAT. HATE CANNOT DRIVE OUT HATE, ONLY LOVE CAN DO THAT.”

Our loss is great and the pain runs deep for George Floyd’s murder could have been you, me, anyone of us who are subjects of prejudice. George was only 46, a family man with beautiful children. To provide for his family he moved to Minneapolis for work having lost his job due to the coronavirus. He had worked as a Security Guard at a night club to serve and protect. Sadly, it was individuals who masked themselves as peace officers whose duty was to serve and protect who took George’s life.

During the course of time, millions who believe in a better life and who believe in you have paid the ultimate price. As the members of our Union, your struggles, pain, sorrow, and the quest for justice and peace within our communities will continue until prejudice is no more. When will it stop? How many other men, women and children have to die? Together, in the memory of George and all those who were victims, we must totally eliminate evil.

Responsibility and accountability begin with each one of us. Never quit, lift up and support others who are knocked down, locked out, and who are discarded. Local 375 stands by your side and dreams your dreams. God Bless the soul of George Floyd and God Bless you.

In solidarity,


Michael Troman
President, Local 375

June 5, 2020