NYC Charter Revision Proposals: Vote No on #4 !

The New York City Charter is the city’s constitution. It controls how the city spends our tax dollars, how decisions are made about changes to our neighborhoods and the power of our elected officials. We now have an important opportunity to help amend the charter by voting on ballot proposals covering a wide variety of issues.

This election, there are five Charter Revision proposals on the ballot. Most are sensible plans to curb undue influence in elections, enhance police accountability and increase government transparency.

But then there’s Proposal #4.

Proposal #4 calls for the creation of a mysterious “rainy day fund” without any clarity about where the money comes from – or where it will go.  

And at a time when many city agencies are understaffed and as the union pushes to resolve issues that have left too many “hard-to-recruit” titles unfilled, we are troubled by the creation of any “fund” that, without proper oversight and accountability, could too-easily be diverted from resources needed to support and maintain public services.

Election Day is November 5. Early ballot voting began on October 26. Four of the five proposals deserve our support.

But…Vote No On #4.