Chapter 30 - DOT (Department of Transportation – Traffic)

Members perform technical work related to traffic flow, street lighting and parking in the City. They operate the Department of Transportation's radio system, monitoring information related to traffic emergencies and conditions throughout the city. Members undertake studies of traffic signals, intersection design, traffic flow and other areas related to traffic patterns, and design signal layouts, study signal timings and monitor outside contractors. They also plan for all municipal off-street facilities and on-street meters making continuous evaluations of both, and maintain and inspect over 300,000 streetlights.

President: Dorita Clarke
Cell Phone: (917) 991-8229
Email: [email protected]

1st Vice President: Emad Makarious
2nd  Vice President:  Kenneth Lewis
Secretary:  John Reade
Treasurer: Eric Tuggle
Sgt. at Arms: Vito Stabile


Dorita Clarke
Emad Makarious
Eric Tuggle
John Reade
Kenneth Lewis
Ahmed Shafee
Vito Stabile
Khaled Zatar
Hasib Amini

Eshak Sawers
Ankit Patel
Laura Merced
Malaika Queano
Younan Girgis
Tina Wilkins
Magdi Abdu
Antonio Dones
Theresa Lyde

Albert Ibrahim
Jamil Ahsan
Imram Yaqub
Hillary Young
Nicholas Joseph
Tamanna Tanjil
Syed Ashraf