Chapter 38 - HPD (Housing Preservation and Development)

Members are involved in the design of new housing projects, renovations on urban renewal projects, and helping tenant associations learn how to manage their buildings in preparation for purchasing them. They also renovate and maintain In-Rem City-owned multiple dwellings and other related jobs.

Elizabeth Eastman - President
Cell Phone: (917) 439-6678
Email: [email protected]

Elaine Garcia - 1st Vice President
Cell Phone: 6463141452
[email protected]

Cynthia Davis-Holman -2nd Vice President
Email: [email protected]

Gloria Farrell - Secretary
[email protected]

Xiomara Mena - Treasurer
[email protected]

Adam Gawronski - Sgt. At Arms
Email: [email protected]


Cynthia Davis-Holman
Adam Gawronski
Wanda Allen
Joseph Anderson-Jackson
Dwight Blair
Maurcio Esterellas
Gloria Farrell

Jamar Francis-Tukara
Maxine Fyffe
Elaine Garcia
Micheline Hanks-Bush
George Lanzot
Chihming Lin
Xiomara Mena

Wain Seto
John Sullivan
Warren Welsh
Mondello Browner
Liz Eastman
Jesus Deras
Andrew Shamoun
Steve Pirovolikos