Late payment for 3% May pay increases

In a memo from Daniel Katz, Director of the DC 37 Research & Negotiations Department, it's been announced that the NYC Office of Labor Relations will delay adding the 3% May pay increases for members covered under the Economic MOA.

Please see below the details on the increase:

  1. The effective date of the increase is May 26th, halfway through the pay period ending June 1st, reflected in the paycheck of June 7th.
  2. Because of the number of settlements requiring retro pay, bonuses, and pay increases, FISAO is delayed in processing the increase.
  3. The increase will come in the July 5th paycheck, that reflects the pay from June 16th – June 29.
  4. The July 5th paycheck will include retro pay of the 3% increase for the three weeks prior, from May 26th to June 15th.

For any inquiries or clarifications, please don't hesitate to contact the DC37 Research Department at 212-815-1470.