Chapter 17 - Department of Buildings

Members perform technical work related to the department's enforcement of city and state laws regulating construction, alteration, maintenance, demolition, and occupancy of buildings. Their jobs include reviewing plans for new building construction and alteration to existing structures, conducting field inspections of construction sites, investigating building and zoning complaints and related tasks.

Jose Gomez - President
Cell Phone
Email[email protected]

Elena Tugusheva - Vice President
Raina Genidy – Secretary
Mona Girgis
 - Treasurer
Ahmed Hermas – Sergeant-at-Arms


Mireille Attallah
Miles Eng
Ahmed Hermas
Rania Genedy
Mona Girgis

Jose Gomez
Sam Lai
Kwok Leung
Samir Moghe
Frank Shaker
Seosi Song
Higinio Topino
Lyubov Tsins
Elena Tugusheva