Chapter 28 - City Planning

Members are involved in an advisory capacity to the government. They perform professional work in units corresponding to all City departments in order to evaluate and recommend actions concerning the need and location of all capital projects. They engage in multidisciplinary, comprehensive research resulting in the development of alternative solutions indicating potential positive and negative impacts of proposals they evaluate. City officials utilize these evaluations as part of the decision-making process. Members study and evaluate housing and urban renewal, land use proposals, economic development proposals, site selection, sale and lease of property, and other related tasks. Chapter members funnel information to the department director and provide technical assistance to 59 community boards and five borough boards. Members' unique expertise is also required for constant revisions to and maintenance of the Zoning Resolution and the City Map.

President: Evan Lemonides
Cell Phone: 347-856-6777
Email[email protected]

Secretary: Mauricio Garcia, Email: [email protected]
Treasurer: Matthew Croswell, Email: [email protected]


Omar Ortiz
Xiomara Chang
Denise Huang
Yinqing Liu
Lise Dorestant
Hanif Yazdi
Evan Lemonides