Chapter 32 - DEP (Department of Environmental Protection - Air Resources)

Members enforce New York City air, noise, water, and asbestos codes, lead abatement, and hazardous material codes. They act as advisors at incidents involving hazardous materials, conduct inspections and maintenance programs on New York City Medallion taxis, conduct environmental impact studies to determine the effect of proposed new sources of emissions, conduct investigations relative to proposed new or revised air and noise code legislation, implement the state plan for meeting air quality standards and evaluate the air and noise aspect of traffic flow. Members also inspect and enforce City environmental codes for commercial, residential, and industrial buildings and sites.

John Cilento - President
Phone (Office): (718) 595-3817
Email: [email protected]

Courtney Pollins - Vice President
Brenda Gill - Secretary
Jennifer Rodriquez - Treasurer
Yanique Foote - Sgt-at-Arms


Dennis Antzoulatos
John Cilento
Christopher Clinton
Brenda Gill
Oscar Hodgson
Mohmammed Khokar
Mohamed Abdel-Aal

Matthew Porto
Jennifer Rodriguez
Golam Soghan
Kehinde Sanni
Ahmed Soloki
Richard Valdez