Chapter 37 - DOT (Department of Transportation – Bridges)

Members in the Engineering Project Manager and Surveyor titles perform planning, engineering, design, construction, and maintenance work on the City's streets and bridges.

Dr. Paul-Michael Kazas - President
Cell Phone:  929-351-0367
Email[email protected]

TBA - 1st Vice President
TBA - 2nd Vice President
Jacqueline Odina - Secretary
Dinesh Shah - Treasurer
Amir G. Youssef - Grievance Chair
Kamlesn Patel - Membership Chair
Nancy Guernesey - Sgt. at Arms
Salvatore Galetta - Legislative Chair
Jagdish Patel - Research & Dev.
Mohammed Khalid - Ethics Chair
Anthony Wu - Safety Chair


Ulanecka Aldona
Ricardo Andino
Ragesh Bhavsar
Thomas Constantine
Sal Galetta
Paul-Michael Kazas
Jacqueline Odina
Victoria Oyekan
Balkrushna Patel
Jitendra Patel
Kamlesh Patel
Paul Poon
Sobner Saint Dic
Dinesh Shah
Ahmed Shakir
Jaivi Shi
Mohammed Sidik
Anthony Wu