Local 375 – A member driven organization – Democracy, Power, Transparency

The delegates to international conventions have called on every local, council and affiliated union to examine their structure and process to ensure that they are working in the most efficient and modern way. Because of that examination, Local 375 is undergoing a restructuring at the request of the membership. Several chapter executive boards have petitioned the international union to request a new autonomous local union be chartered to best represent their membership and build power at the workplace and at the bargaining table. This request has been echoed and reaffirmed by these chapter memberships through hundreds of cards being signed by its members across their chapters and by participation and voting at their chapter meetings. In the end, these members want a union that best represents their collective interests.

 While some chapters of local 375 have elected to petition for an autonomous union, others have elected to remain within local 375. All of these wishes are being met. Based on overwhelming membership requests, five new local unions have been chartered and are expected to be free-standing, autonomous locals by the end of April 2018, remaining affiliated with AFSCME District Council 37.

Local 375 continues to exist. Those chapters remaining will form the new Local 375. The Administratorship will continue to work with local 375 members to build a powerful union in the workplace and at the bargaining table.