Thanks to Local 375: A letter from the scholarship winner student

Michael Troman

Naze Andreville
Scholarship Committee Chair

Dear Sirs,

I would like to convey my heat felt thanks and gratitude to the Civil Service Technical Guild - Local 375 and all its members. While home visiting my family over the recent holiday weekend, I was informed of the Joseph E. Collins Memorial Scholarship which I was awarded.

My father is a member of DC 37 and through his example I have learned the strength and importance of organized labor. Union wages have afforded our family a comfortable home and provided job security for my father who has MS. The union has also provided the security of healthcare for my family enabled me to go to a ranking technical college.

I am currently in my first semester at the Rochester Institute of Technology studying medical illustration, and it is my hope that one day my abilities and training can be used to assist and train medical professionals and help inform and educate their patients.

Thank you once again for your consideration and generosity.

Evelyn Shanoff

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